Project: twenty #changes twenty

Title: #01   fragmented by light, thoughts and data.

Intro: Initiated, or rather triggered, by a trip to Vancouver/Canada (2018), to a good friend and incredibly important person in my life, one of the most important processes in my life started.

Suddenly and abruptly, the view of my life began to change in a drastic way. Something was loosening. A mental block and tension that had built up over almost 20 years finally became conscious and clearly visible. I struggled with it a lot, and it took another 2 years, 2 lock-downs, unhealthy self-intoxication with copious amounts of alcohol, many sleepless nights, as well as meeting a very special woman, that by the end of 2020 I was finally ready to face it all and make a change.

This project, '20 #changes 20', is the story and coming to terms with these past 20 years and also the time before that. It is an examination of my struggles, my history, my present and also my future. But it is also about much more, because everything is ultimately connected. It's about us, our perceptions, and the problems in Western society.

More about this shortly ...      (Translated with the help of

The 'Perfected' Digital Image (Fujifilm X-T3, Edited With CaptureOne & Photoshop)

The 'Fragmented' Correspondent Analog Print (Thermal Print On Label Paper, Cardboard, Aquarelle Paint)

The Fragmented Social Perception (@twenty_changes_twenty - Profile View - 'Fragmented' According To The Print Edition)

The Abstracted Social Perception (@twenty_changes_twenty - 'Timeline View - The Single Fragments)

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